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Welcome, I'm Rhonda Freeman, a neuropsychologist committed to helping survivors of narcissistic abuse. Here, you'll find resources to guide you from understanding your situation to reclaiming your inner strength.

Regain your well-being after a Narcissistic Partner

Dr. Rhonda Freeman

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2nd Edition: Using Neuroscience After Narcissistic Abuse



  • Brain-Related lessons are geared toward empowerment & insight.
  • Guidance in how to apply Neuroplasticity (from a neuropsychologist)
  • Self-Care Model Framework
  • Traumatic Bonding: Beyond Basics. Exercises & Strategies from a neuropsychologist.
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Traumatic Bonding: For Pros & Survivors (Neuroscience)



  • Sponsored by Pesi.
  • Neuroscience-geared lessons.
  • Deep dive into the brain and the trauma bond. 
  • Enhance your therapeutic techniques 
  • CE Credit.


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Narcissistic Abuse Treatment: Multiple Expert Lecturers



  • Sponsored by Pesi.
  • Intended for professionals.
  • Help clients end self-blame.
  • Traumatic Bonding seminar is included within this course.
  • Help clients safely leave abuse.
  • Up to 15.25 CE credits 
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Empath's Survival Guide



  • Gain tools empaths can use to ground themselves.
  • Learn how empaths can hold space for others in a healthy way.
  • Guidance for Boundary setting

7 Steps Toward Healing



  • Tips to calm the mind.
  • Insights into harmful partners.
  • Common behaviors of pathological narcissists.
  • Journal prompts.

For the Compassionate Person



  • A guide to narcissism for compassionate partners. 
  • Neuroscience of compassion
  • Psychological impact of abuse
  • Patterns of narcissists.
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Dr. Freeman is a neuropsychologist with training focused on brain rehabilitation and neurodiagnostic evaluations.

She creates neuroscience-based content for Psychology Today and various media outlets. She is the founder of Neuroinstincts, a site for survivors of pathological narcissists.

Testimonials from amazing students ...



"I am grateful beyond measure!
I have been so worried about my brain functions - but now armed with this knowledge, I am starting to see improvements. I’m back at work and thriving. Much love to you Rhonda, for the work you are doing."



"This is what I was missing!
Dr. Freeman goes slowly through the neuroscience - so I didn't feel overwhelmed. Not only did I constantly have moments of 'Ohhh that's why I did that!' I learned ways to go in a different direction and help my brain." JM